Implementation of the solution

Installation, parametrisation and development of automated interconnections guarantees the integration of the solution in your Information Sytem and enables an exact answer to your business and organisational requirements.

Project framework

We elaborate and monitor the planning and financial dashboard of the project, to continuously ensure a coherance between charges, costs and delays. Quality is also monitored by the project manager (project quality scheme).  Those iterative monitorings correspond to a “Unified Process” approach.

The project manager is also in charge of the communication in the project and support change management.

Functional and technical implementation

To ensure YCity -or part of it (YPolice, YGRC, YEnfance…)- responds to requirements, our teams ensure

  • the installation of the required infrastructure (most generally in centralised data center since the solution is in SaaS mode, but it might be in your IT infrastructure)
  • parametrisation of the solution according to functional specifications. If required, adaptations will be developped (and integrated in the product in further version)
  • personnalisation of all documents handled by the solution, internal and external, (mails, emails, statistics…)
  • data transfer to ensure your actual data and some historics are present in YCity at the launch of its usage by the users

Integration in your Information System

In parallel of adaptating the solution, interconnection with existing solutions or systems are developped to ensure a complete integration of YCity in your Information System

  • SSO for external users (customers), which can be external with state eAdministration (for instance France Connect in France), and interanaly (LDAP…)
  • interoperability with all third business solution you are using (web services)
  • production of data (open data, open governement…)

This mechanisms are developped specifically to fit specific functional and technical requirements.


YPOK ensure the training of key users, or users, according to your needs on the project. The project manager is in charge in defining training strategy and plan, that correspond to your constraints and needs.

This training offer is not limited to the project. Indeed, in its global approach of a partner of public administrations in their transformations, YPOK ensure a set of trainings

  • complementary trainings, even technical ones
  • update of employees, or specific trainee of new employees