Tomorrow is already available for eGovernment

The future of eGovernment already exists : YCity enables any municipality or city to integrate tomorrow digital and inclusive society!
image YCity
For the municipality YCity means efficiency of processes, satisfactions of employees and of customers, independance.

Please find in the following videos illustrations of some of the main principles of the solution :  a unique portal for any type of users, but a complete set of shared eServices, enabling new interactions between the stakeholders of a municipality, and an access in mobility together with an innovative payment means, all in a complete inpendance for the municipality.

Do you want to join the adventure?

Strong from our success in France, we are now looking for pilots in Europe that could use our solutions and help us to finalise its adaptations for other countries than France…

And/or you may also want more information : we are available for further explaination or demonstrations.


Our serial on a municipality ensuring it’s eTransformation with YCity :

Should the videos not be displayed well, you can also consult them with the following links

  • Introduction situating context and selected examples
  • Chapter 1 illustrating the ‘unique portal’ notion
  • Chapter 2 illustrating the functionning of a set of eServices
  • Chapter 3 illustrating new forms of interactions with users and between municipality’s business departements
  • Chapter 4 dealing with mobility but also accountancy
  • Chapter 5 at least presents how municipality remain independant in eServices management